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Sample GED Essay:

Topic:  If you had a choice of donating money to an organization, to which organization would you donate and why?


Paragraph #1 Introduction:  My husband got laid off and now we need to move!  We are not able to take our pets and my children are sad.  I am assured by the Humane Society that they will find good homes for our two black labs, Sandy and Blackie.  But it is still a sad day for the family.  Because of this, if I had a lot of money I would donate it to the Humane Society. The Humane Society can always use the money, I love animals, and I want more animals to get adopted!

 Paragraph #2 Reason 1:  First, the Humane Society can use the money donation!  There are a lot of items that are needed for the animals they care for.  The animals need food, water, and shelter.  Some animals are hurt or sick when they are dropped off.  There may be vet or medicine costs.  Just like when you or I are sick and need to go to the doctor or hospital, it is very costly!  Animals are no different.  The Human Society will not "put down" an animal without trying to heal it first, and that takes money!

Paragraph #3 Reason 2:  Next, I love animals.  My pets are like my children and I care about them a lot!  Giving money to the Humane Society is like giving money to a family member to help care for my children.  I know that the money will be put to good use and that it will be used to care for those animals who need it the most!

Paragraph #4 Reason 3:  Finally, I want more animals to get adopted!  Giving money to the Humane Society will help.  They can use the money for advertising.  They can also use it for vaccinations and or neutering and spading.  This is important because many people who want to adopt may not know why it is important to vaccinate or "fix" their pets.  They may not have the money and that may prevent a good family from getting a great friend/pet.

Paragraph #5 Conclusion:  In conclusion, the Humane Society is a wonderful resource for a community and is my number one choice for donating money.  This comes from my love for animals and all the care that is required to successfully get them adopted.  Just think about it.  The more animals that are healthy and loved, the more that will be adopted to loving families.  That would be wonderful!  So, the next time you have a few extra dollars in your pocket, consider making a donation to your local Humane Society.


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